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Whether you own a hot rod, street car or drag racing car, you expect peak performance. The right auto transmission is crucial to this. KB Performance Transmissions, based in Berwick , will make sure you have the best auto transmission for the best performance. Holden, Ford, Chev, Chrysler – you name it, KB  Performance Transmissions will give your car the strength it needs for your personal set-up and application.

Just answer the following questions:

  • What type of car do you have?
  • What horsepower?
  • What do you want to do with the car?

Brett , at KB  Performance Transmissions, will then build you a custom automatic transmission to suit the performance you demand from your car. Custom transmissions are built on site with first class workmanship and only the highest quality performance parts.

Even if you think getting the best performance out of your car transmission might be difficult, you’ll be surprised at what Brett can do!

KB Performance Transmissions can also give you different levels of performance options to match your budget.

For Berwick  and nearby customers, KB Performance Transmissions is conveniently located in Berwick . For hot rod and street car enthusiasts further afield, talk to Brett and he will help you determine exactly what you need and want.